Our Story

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RESM was born through frustration and concern that small to medium sized businesses and NGO’s were being blackmailed by the dreaded “CCMA threat” often muttered in hushed tones, or in some cases shouted loudly, by staff who feel that they have been wronged.

Small and medium sized businesses and NGO’s are valuable contributors to the success of South Africa’s future by providing valuable jobs and opportunities to many. The trend we saw was that many were family owned businesses or run like a family where little concern was given to the formal structure of the business in the beginning when only a few staff were employed. Generally “the greater good” is enough to keep everyone working for the benefit of the company.

However over time, as growth happens, new staff members are added and before you know it, the business that once had three staff members now has fifty three staff members but the policies and procedures, if in place at all, do not reflect the current situation and the “CCMA threat” becomes a real concern.

RESM is built around helping such companies. Through a consultation process we are able to do an audit of the current policies, procedures, and employment contracts and recommend and assist with remedial action. In addition to the above, we are accredited Mediators and Arbitrators and are available to chair disciplinary hearings and assist with resolving internal grievances / disputes. Finally we are in the process of registering a workplace mediation training programme that will give you the tools and knowledge to recognize conflict in the workplace and to deal with it before it escalates in to a full blown dispute.

RESM believes that “you are the solution” this means that we help you to resolve issues yourself. Small and medium sized business as well as NGO’s are the solution to many of the employment and inequality issues that we have in this amazing country.